Forensic Psychological Services

Forensic: Relating to, used in, or appropriate for courts of law.

Forensic Psychological Services involves assessing and treating individuals whose behaviors or circumstances leads them into involvement with the legal system. This includes working with attorneys and court, jails and treatment facilities, and adult and juvenile probation.


Psychological Evaluations

Through Forensic Psychological Evaluations, Dr. Pizitz assists attorneys and their clients by conducting the following:

  • Alcohol and Drug Evaluations
  • Dangerousness and Risk Evaluations
  • Military Diversion Evaluations
  • Mental Health Diversion Evaluations
  • Competency to Stand Trial Evaluations
  • Psychosexual Evaluations
  • Intelligence/Cognitive Evaluations
  • Pre-Sentence Recommendations

Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Dr. Pizitz evaluates and treats clients prior to sentencing and once convicted of drug-related charges. Examples include Driving Under the Influence, Possession, Sales, and Under the Influence of Drugs and/or Alcohol. Through an Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program, clients are treated on a 1-2x weekly basis, attend outside recovery meetings, and participate in random drug testing. Resources to detoxification programs, inpatient treatment, and psychiatry for medications are part of the intervention process, if needed.

  • Individual and Group Treatment
  • Detoxification, Inpatient, Psychiatry Resources
  • In Office Interventions


Sexual Dysfunction Treatment

Treating a variety of sexual dysfunctions including pornography addiction, sexual addiction, and intimacy/relationship issues. This treatment program is headed up by Dr. Todd Pizitz and Dr. Shay Groenewold.