Clinical Psychological Services

Individual, Family and Couples Therapy

Dr. Pizitz works with individuals, families and couples to help those overcome struggles and challenges. Having been on staff at Children’s Hospital, and a former Juvenile Probation Officer, Dr. Pizitz has a keen ability to work with adolescents and parents. His comprehensive evaluative and treatment approach help others move through difficult times and manage symptoms and distress. Examples include, confronting family members about abusing drugs and alcohol, establishing behavioral contracts, helping parents become united in dealing with difficult teens, and working with family members on how to cope with mental illness within the family. Treatment sessions include weekly confidential appointments with Dr. Pizitz for an estimated 45-50 minutes in his office.


  • Individual Psychotherapy, Adults and Adolescents
  • Family and Couples Psychotherapy

Psychological Evaluations

By utilizing psychological testing, Dr. Pizitz is able to more definitively determine diagnosis, personality structure, intellectual functioning, and treatment planning. Such evaluations help clear up misconceptions about diagnosis, and guide the direction for the most beneficial and symptom-relieving interventions. Evaluations offer direction and guidance on the best and most effective way to help understand one’s personality make-up, strengths and weaknesses, and overall functioning.

A psychological evaluation involves administrating a series of psychological tests, conducting a clinical interview, contacting other therapists, schools, doctors, and reviewing any necessary documents. The psychological testing portion includes answering questions in a paper/pencil format, and Dr. Pizitz administering psychological tests. The clinical interview involves a 1-2 hour question/answer process involving the client and any other relevant people in their life. Once all the necessary data have been collected, Dr. Pizitz analyzes and puts together the confidential results and recommendations to be discussed in person with the client. The entire evaluation takes approximately 6-8 hours and can be broken into several days. Fees are based on types of evaluations.

The following are types of evaluations.

  • Alcohol and Drug Evaluations
  • Surrogacy and Egg Donor Suitability
  • Diagnostic Determination
  • Learning Disability Evaluations
  • Psycho diagnostic Evaluations
  • Attention-Deficit Disorder and Intellectual Evaluations
  • School or Testing Accommodations Evaluations
  • Personality Structure and Psychopathology Evaluations
  • Reality Television Show Evaluations

Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Dr. Pizitz evaluates and then determines the most appropriate and beneficial treatment interventions for those afflicted with addiction and dependence on drugs and alcohol. In office and in-home interventions are available. As the former clinical supervisor for the East County and North County Drug Court Treatment Programs, Dr. Pizitz has much experience in working with addiction and how best to stop drug and alcohol abuse and begin sobriety. Resources to detoxification programs, inpatient treatment, and psychiatry for medications are part of the intervention process, if needed. All interventions and treatment involve a drug testing component.

For some, in-home interventions are needed to begin the sobriety process. Such interventions are well planned and individually tailored to provide the best outcome. Dr. Pizitz utilizes multiple resources including other addiction specialists, psychiatry, in-patient treatment facilities, and family and friends of the client suffering from addiction. A team approach offers the best results.

  • Individual and Group Treatment
  • Detoxification, Inpatient, Psychiatry Resources
  • In Office Interventions
  • In-Home Interventions